Last modified date: October 2020

A deposit is paid when making online appointments. The down payments can vary in amount, because the prices differ per treatment. You pay 30% of the price of your booked treatment. When booking an appointment, 29 cents transaction costs are added. If you plan a new appointment at the clinic, the down payment will go with you to your next appointment.

We are not responsible for foreclosure. The deposit that has been made cannot be reclaimed in the event of foreclosure. Appointments must be canceled / changed before 48 hours. In case of failure to report in time, the deposit cannot be reclaimed either. If you are unable to arrive in time for your treatment, we will be forced to shorten the treatment.
Upon arrival of 15 minutes or later, we will charge the entire treatment.

Cancellation costs (this applies from November 1, 2020)
When canceling your appointment, we charge a € 10 administration fee. If you have canceled your appointment before 48 hours, you will receive a partial refund of your down payment. The administration costs of the cancellation will be deducted from your down payment. If you canceled your appointment too late, the entire down payment will be canceled. If you want to move an appointment, this can be done free of charge 48 hours before your treatment.

No idea which treatment is best for you?
We are happy to help you with this! Choose: “Consultation & treatment” in the selection menu. During this treatment we can look at your skin and determine together which treatment we will perform.