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At Ella Clinics we specialize in improving (colored) skin.
We treat all skin types.
At Ella Clinics, you will be carefully advised and informed.
You wil receive an effective treatment with the focus on achieving the best result for you.
Quality, safety and a feeling of trust for you as a customer are our priorities!


Because we care about SKIN!



A consultation takes place prior to each treatment. During the consultation you can discuss your wishes, expectations and goal (s) with the skin therapist. The skin therapist discusses possible treatment options and can draw up a personal treatment plan. All important information is also discussed with you.

Acne therapy

Acne usually occurs on the face, back or chest. Acne is characterized by oily skin, blackheads, red bumps, pimples or subcutaneous inflammation. Skin imperfections such as pigmentation spots, red spots, a coarser skin structure and acne scars as a result of inflammation can also be seen. Having acne often brings feelings of insecurity. We offer various treatment options to remedy acne, such as: deep cleansing, peels, microneedling therapy, therapeutic products and personal advice. Which treatment is right for you will be discussed during a consultation.

Pigment treatment

There are several ways to treat and prevent pigmentation. Examples are: medical peels, microneedling or the well-known Cosmelan® treatment. In some cases, different treatment methods will have to be applied. During the consultation, we will look at which treatment is best for you.

Cosmelan® depigmentation process

Cosmelan® is an effective treatment that has been specially developed to target different forms of pigment. It is THE No. 1 depigmentation treatment worldwide and is performed exclusively by skin therapists and doctors. The medical treatment can be used for any skin type. The purpose of the Cosmelan® treatment is to slow down pigment formation, so that hyperpigmentation will strongly reduce or even disappear completely. The treatment is carried out once with a guaranteed result.

Dermamelan intimate from mesoestetic®

Dermamelan intimate from mesoestetic® is the long-awaited professional topical solution for gynecological-aesthetic problems such as hyperpigmentation and aging around the intimate areas. Think of people who experience aging causing hyperpigmentation and sagging or women who have just become mothers, menopausal women, hyperpigmentation that is caused by many waxing sessions. These problems surrounding the intimate area can now finally be helped.

Treatment zones:

  • Armpits
  • Intimate zone (Vagina + Groin)


  • Aging
  • Loss of elasticity after pregnancy
  • Genetic pigmentation
  • Pigment after skin damage
  • Pigment due to friction (eg Tight clothing)


Medical peels

Medical peels can improve or remedy many skin problems. It is a simple, often used and effective technique to achieve a controlled renewal of the epidermis and part of the deeper skin layers. Peels can be used for the following indications: acne (scars), pigmentation problems, anti-aging, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, dull and lifeless skin and an uneven texture of the skin.


Microneedling is a treatment method in which microscopic holes are made in the skin with the help of a special needle technique. In this way, the skin is challenged to recover and the natural recovery process is utilized. It is an effective way to renew and beautify the skin in depth. The following results can be achieved: smoother, radiant and fresher skin, refinement of coarse pores, fading fine lines, improvement of the skin structure, reduction of pigmentation spots, reduction of (acne) scars, smoothing surgical and / or traumatic scars.

Remove skin imperfections/skin tags

Benign skin abnormalities on the face or on the body can often be experienced as disturbing. However, many skin lesions can be removed quickly and easily. Examples of skin conditions to be treated: fibroids (skin warts), verruca seborrhoica (age-related warts) and dermatosis papulosa nigra (brown to blackish bumps).

Anti-aging treatment

The skin deteriorates from the age of 25. Over the years, the characteristics of skin aging continue to increase. Various treatments can be used to slow down the aging process. One of the best-known treatments is the Mesoéclat® treatment from Mesoestetic. What you can expect: reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, an even skin texture, a fresh and clear complexion, hydration in depth, more resistance to the skin aging factors.


Clean and healthy skin where you see immediate results? Then there is only 1 option: a HydraFacial® treatment. The HydraFacial® is a new treatment technique that combines several popular treatments (cleaning, moisturizing and protecting) in an evolutionary way. This makes the HydraFacial® unique! The result is visible immediately after the first treatment: a super HEALTHY, EVEN, AND RADIANT skin. The method is suitable for all skin types and can be used all year round.


Laser hair removal at Ella Clinics

At Ella Clinics you will be treated with the GentleMax Pro, in order to get rid of your unwanted hair growth. The device combines the Alexandrite laser and the nd: YAG laser, so that any type of skin or hair can be treated. The 100% painless treatment gives you a permanently smooth skin. For more information or a trial treatment, call +31 (0) 6 83918567.

How does laser hair removal work with the GentleMax Pro laser?

Before the treatment starts, you will be given glasses to protect your eyes from the laser light. The laser specialist then starts the treatment. On average, you can be done in about 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the area to be treated. Because we use the most advanced cooling technology that is currently available, the treatment is painless.

For every skin and hair type

The GentleMax Pro combines two types of lasers: the Alexandrite laser for lighter skin and the nd: YAG laser for dark skin. We therefore adjust the device to your skin for the best result.

The laser specialist places the laser on your skin and with a short flash, the GentleMax Pro destroys the hairs that are in the active growth phase. The hairs that are in the active growth phase do not come back. The pigment of the hair absorbs the light from the laser, after which the light is converted into heat. The heat breaks down the hair follicle and after a week or two the hair will fall out. After treatments, the hair does not return.

Less treatments required than at other laser clinics

Before the treatment, you will receive honest and transparent advice about the number of treatments required and the costs. At Ella Clinics, you only need five to six treatments on average thanks to the high quality of the lasers and the unique treatment protocol. This saves you a lot on costs, because at other clinics you often need ten to twelve treatments.

Four to eight weeks between treatments

The period between treatments is six to eight weeks for body hair. This period is about four to six weeks with facial hair growth. Not every hair is in the same growth phase, so we cannot permanently remove all hair in one treatment. The hairs that are in the active growth phase about six weeks later are removed during the next treatment.

tattoo removal


Tattoo removal at Ella Clinics

Previously, getting your tattoo removed was a painful and long process. Fortunately, we can now use the latest techniques. This naturally includes a device with which we can remove your tattoo safely, quickly and painlessly. We remove tattoos with our Fontana Starwalker. A state of the art tattoo removal machine with which we can guarantee that no color residue and no scars will remain on your body. With this we make it possible for everyone with regret to enjoy an even, tattoo-free skin again.

The treatment

From the moment you enter our clinic to the moment you leave it, it’s all about you. If you are a bit nervous about the treatment, feel free to indicate this. We will then explain how we proceed so that you will not be faced with surprises. A treatment at Ella Clinics goes as follows:

  • You enter and take a seat on the treatment chair. If this is your first treatment, we will start with an explanation before we start.
  • If you have already undergone one or more treatments, we will ask how it went and whether you have seen good results. We also ask you if there have been any details after the treatments.
  • We ask you whether you have managed to keep the treated area out of the sun.
  • We take pictures of the tattoo to keep track of its progress.
  • Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what we’re here for.






  • We advise you on how to take care of your tattoo, protect the area from sunlight and tanning beds, and what not to do in the first days, such as swimming.
  • After the treatment you can pay and we will schedule a new appointment.


At Ella Clinics we also remove permanent make-up, also known as PMU. When you come to the intake, we will ask a few questions regarding permanent make-up. Consider, for example, where and when you had it installed. And whether you want the make-up completely or only partially removed. When removing PMU, we first run a test pulse to see how the ink reacts. With permanent make-up it is possible that the ink turns darker. You will be well informed about this in advance.